Our Journey

The Art of Massage opened its doors in April 2010 in Suite 1 of the Colony Building on New Orleans Road. In 2012, we expanded to include Suite 2 and added another treatment room, a shower area, and a larger lounge area to include a beautiful 135 galon fish tank and custom mural. Running out of room and neeeding to expand again for our yoga studio, we decided to move to Suite 12 upstairs to open The Art of Yoga, a wellness yoga studio to include private ad grouop yoga therapys, beach yoga, and a large apothecary dubbed The Herb Room. 

An amazing opportunity presented itself in late 2014 to expand into Suite 3, so we have combined The Art of Massage and The Art of Yoga into a collective wellness studio, The Art of Massage and Yoga Therapy.

The Herb Room Organic Apothecary is also now Hilton Head's only and largest Apothecary with over 100 bulk herbs, tinctures, balms, Elderberry Elixir, Herbal Fire Tonic, custom tea blends, deodorant, and other natural health products and located inside The Art of Massage and Yoga Therapy. 

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