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Massage Therapy

Massage Services

A massage is meant to relax!

That could mean slower, lighter pressure for some and for others,

it may be to release tension using firmer, deeper pressure.

We keep it simple.

All of our massages are customized!

Our therapists are trained in a variety of modalities to suit all needs!


 20 minutes  $60          50 minutes  $120          80 minutes  $160

*price is per person

We offer:

- individual massages          - couples massages         

- prenatal massages (using comfy pillows!) 

Customize your time with us by choosing from these unique add on treatments

Aromatherapy     $20

Choose from our 3 Signature blends. These custom made scents can improve your health and well being and restore balance to your body


Charlotte's Web CBD Balm     $20

This balm contains nourishing and moisturizing vitamin B5, aloe, coconut oil, arnica, and shea butter to help nourish dry skin and support skin revitalization.

The Herb Room Apothecary's

Warming Muscle Treatment     $20

Healing herbs and essential oils are infused into these balms to provide you with the long lasting muscle relief that you have been needing


Hot Lava Shells     $20

Lava shell massage is similar to hot stone massage but rather than heated in water, the shells are gently warmed with Lava Gel, made with volcanic lava powder as well as kelp, sea salt and both purified and salt waters. This gel is self-heating through natural mineral energy. 


Organic Foot Treatment

Adds 10 minutes $20

An organic scrub buffs away dry skin and moisturizing oils are massaged into skin and cuticles to hydrate, repair, and renew

Detoxifying Dry Brush Exfoliation

Adds 10 minutes $25

This invigorating treatment exfoliates, stimulates the lymph system and increases circulation. Keep skin texture healthy and rejuvenated! 

Illuminating Hand Treatment 

Adds 10 minutes $30

A skin refining exfoliation and double dose of skin illuminating Vitamin C blended with marine minerals revitalizes and restores your youthful softness while brightening sun damaged or aging hands. 

Wild Gigartina Hot Oil Scalp and Hair Mask Treatment

Adds 10 minutes $30

A warm nutrient rich seaweed infusion is slowly poured along the hairline and massaged into the scalp with a nourishing dose of Acai and Passion Fruit oils. These oils are rich in hair-loving omega fatty acids and are blended with essential oils of Cypress, Lime and Grapefruit.

Gemstone Therapy $30

This treatment combines the benefits of massage therapy with the luminous energy of crystals.  Smooth crystal palm stones are used as massage tools that glide over the body and help to facilitate the release of stress, tension, and disharmonious energy. 

You will get to pick the stone of your choice and stone will go home with you:


Tiger's Eye 

Enhances personal power - Inspires confidence and moving forward - Increase courage


Assists communication with higher self  -   Supports wish fulfillment

Moss Agate

Enhances emotional balance

Ocean Jasper

Encourages embracing joy and happiness


Calms and soothes the mind - Promotes peace - Relieves stress

Rose Quartz

Promotes love - Promotes joy and emotional healing - Strengthens hope- Instills calm

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